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    Bitmap Animation in Flex


      I am trying to develop an animated photo gallery. I would like to manipulate the currently displayed image in a fairly complex way to transition to the next image in the gallery. I want to tilt the image backwards, move it away from the viewer towards a vanishing point, reducing in size until it disappears. I will then bring in the next image by reversing the animation.

      I originally assumed the best approach would be to use the bitmap/bitmapdata classes to achieve the required perspective distortion to tilt the image backwards. However most of the examples on the net seem to be 3D manipulations (eg cubes) which seem to be more complex than I require for an image which has no third dimension.

      On researching it I also noticed various 3D libraries that also may do the job but again cannot decide if they are more than I need.

      I would appreciate a "heads up" on whether I am on the right lines with my bitmap approach or would a 3D library be better? Or would the new classes in FlashPlayer 10 be a quicker solution? Just don't want to spend ages re-inventing the wheel if it is all available in a class or library.