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    Director Survey - results are out

    Level 7
      Hi all,

      I have finally finished collating all the data from the survey after a
      few very intense days of working through all the responses. There were
      227 responses in total. Since the survey gave the respondent the ability
      to choose features rather than giving a specified range from which they
      could choose, it did make it very time consuming to collate. However, I
      hope that the results are more valuable because of this approach.

      The results are at:

      In the top feature request page, I have given the results in a table as
      well as a graph. They are based on a weighted average so reflect final
      order of feature requests based on the responses. You'll notice that I
      have linked many of the feature requests to enable you to see the
      comments associated with them as well as the range of things covered by
      that grouping.

      Let me know if anything is unclear (or even if everything is clear).

      Thanks for your participation. And thanks for people that helped in
      other ways, from spreading the word to helping sort the data.


      Director Lecturer / Consultant