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    Cant access Lingo


      I'm looking for some advice on how to access the Lingo from objects on the stage. Currently I have nine software packages built with Director and only three of the nine softwares allow me to access the Lingo.

      So... the issues is once I have selected an object that has Lingo script attached to it and I go to view the code in script window it will simply not show the same script used in the three softwares that work.

      I am working on a Mac and this software was built on a P.C. and I thought maybe that was the issue. Anyway I really just need to view the source code because it links to sounds that are in huge library of sound files and I will be re-designing the software in Flash with Action Script.

      it might be best if some expert viewed one of my files to help with this issue.
      I will pay $25.00 with Pay-pal to the person who can help me.

      please find the example file here: http://www.ganica.net/test.sitx

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          This movie only has one cast. Open that cast. In there you will find the behaviors that are used. There are a bunch of behaviors that have nothing in them.

          There are two behaviours with the name: "UI Rollover Change Member". One has content, the other doesn't. The sprites that have behaviors that you can't seem to reach have behaviours that have no code.

          Hope this helps.
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            Ok Thanks to Rob for looking into this issue.

            I still would to check and see if the files are corrupted.
            I have the hole software uploaded on a server and I would like for others to try out the Director files to see if they access the Lingo.

            Please find the the file here: http://bifrostbio.com/client/DakIh.sitx

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              Is it possible that these are not really dir files? They act like they
              have been saved as dcr or something then manually renamed to dir... thus
              the scripts are unavailable.

              Or it may be that these files are simply too old to open in modern
              versions of Director. I believe these were saved as Director 6 files.
              The oldest verison of Director I have is Director 9. If you can get a
              hold of Director 6 or 7, you may have better luck.
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                Ok now that makes sense... I believe they have been saved in wrong format and thats the whole issue here.

                Now I got a huge problem, but thanks for all the help.