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    Can't parse WSDL when useProxy=true

      Hello everyone.
      I'm using Flex since 1.5 and now try to migrate Flex2.0.

      Most of our application need to access data via WebService, and we use <mx:WebService> tag to access them.
      In our Flex1.5 environment, we also use Proxy service of Flex (with specifying useProxy=true), and it works fine.

      But in Flex2.0, our mxml application can't parse the same WSDL when useProxy=true!
      On the other hand, our application can parse correctly when not using proxy service. (useProxy=false and set crossdomain.xml on the root of datasource Web server.)

      I'was so confusing that I captured HTTP traffic between client application and server( both FlexDataService and Data source Web Server), with ServiceCapture.
      When useProxy=true, at first, client application sent request to Flex Data Service to get not only calling the SOAP operations but also calling WSDL itself. After that, Flex Data Service returned the response message as WSDL data, and I found the WSDL data was broken.
      When useProxy=false, of cource, the WSDL was passed datasource Web Server correctly and application could parse it without problem.

      These parse error depends on the WebService.
      I wonder this is some bug of Flex Data Service or not.......

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          Suama Level 1
          Hello, everyone.

          After that, I tried to change the encoding of WSDL, which was broken when useProxy=true, from UTF-16 to UTF-8.
          And I could get correct WSDL data from Flex Data Service's proxy.....

          It seems when the encoding of WSDL is UTF-16, the parse is failed, but I'm not sure this problem is happened commonly and this is some of the bug of Flex Data Services.