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    Result formats

      Hi folks,

      I'm trying to decide what communication mechanism to use between my Flex app and my Java server. The three options I see are: HTTP, SOAP, and Remoting. I understand how these work in concept but the key question I have here is:

      I know I can set the resultFormat property of the HTTPService object to various values, do I have the same control over RemoteObject and WebService? If not, what format does it come back in? XML? Object? An thoughts on the merits of either being used as by the Model as binable business objects?

      Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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          aBill Level 1

          My opinions on HTTP, SOAP and Remoting: (order is not my preferences)
          1. WebServices(Soap)- It supports other clients not only flash ones. The package size is big since it is xml. It also makes the flash clients able to talk to third party services.

          2. HTTPService - I don't consider it as remote procedure calls. It works more likely as html's form. It doesn't like remoting or webservice have seperate methods in the destination. It is easy to verify the data load to your app. Just call it with your query parameter in a browser. The service can be a static file or a server dynamic page.

          3. RemoteObject - compact protocol and better performance. More manageable and extensible, it is java classes which make your services develope in Object Oriented Models

          There are more articles which you can find for in-dept analysis.

          William Chan
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            rmarp Level 1
            Hi William,

            Thanks for the response.

            Good point about HTTPService not having multiple operations/methods. I was really only considering using XML over HTTP because it appeared to give me more control over the format of the result. I would prefer to use SOAP as a minimum. I'm just not sure about the result formats. Do you know what format data comes back in when using WebServices? ObjectProxy's? XML?