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    Help window sizes


      Working in RH HTML,
      Generating webhelp and webhelp pro manuals.

      I wanted to know how can we define the size of the help window that opens once the help runs?

      I was able to able to define a customised help window under "Window" but am not able to select this window when I try and configure Source output - webhelp/pro.

      Though am able to select this window when I want to create a .chm file.

      Also, I wanted to know if there a way that we can restrict the size of the TOC window? Similar to what RoboWizard has. ;).

      Thx for your help

      Have a grerat weekend


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          Roger N Level 2
          Kewel -

          Brute force method would be to simply search for the frameset file that contains the phrase "220,*", and change those values to a width you do want, as a startup size. If you want to actually 'restrict' the maximum size, you will need a bit of scripting for that.