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    Printing, Conditional Build Tags


      Working with RH HTML X5

      I guess this must have been repeated, I had a search and also read few threads on it but didnt find anything or something that I was looking for or I was getting it wrong.

      1. I have created a chm file and now I want to make this a Word or Print (any print form), I was able to edit a new Source Layout and create a a custom print layout, but still this did not help me to format as per my requirments (There were few blank pages in the printed output). Can we create like a Template that can be used to print - This template would be having Title page or something like that? IF this is not possible how can we make this kind of changes in the Source Layout or is there anywhere else I can make changes to the custom layouts?

      Hope am clear above.

      2. Conditional Build Tags
      Can we apply this tags to a Topic rather then its content? Like what I want to do is create 4 different manual for one software for four different users from one Project? Because after selecting my Output according to certain tags I get blank pages in my .chm file which I had omited to generate for that specific manual

      Hope am clear above.

      Thx for all your help

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          Experience has shown that creating home brewed templates often leads to little problems that you don't readily identify with that template. This also occurs where there is nothing wrong with your template! Take a look at the topics on Printing on my site.

          Yes. Right click on the topic in Project Manager. Take a look in RoboHelp's own help. Blank pages are possibly to do with selecting start new pages on odd pages, perhaps the styles you have used and perhaps some blank lines at the end of a topic. Easiest thing is to just delete them in Word.