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    A couple of questions

      Hi, I am pretty new to flex and have done some tuts but some things are not really clear to me yet..

      first if ido a user validation on forms.. and i check on the serverside also.. so for example i validate on client with the AS classes and then on PHP with my own validaiton classes how can i give the data back after a POST request that there was an error?

      Also how do i handle large data lists for examples i retrieve an article lists out of a db but i limit the amount how do i get a pagination to see the total amount of articles and page numbers to navigate through them?

      And for my last question if i use a inline edit how do I send it away with a POST or GET request when I edit out the form and go back to the datagrid ?
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          ntsiii Level 3
          Your data service call needs to return the success / error status. You can access it in a handler function and then notify the user as you want.

          How are you displaying the data? In what control? Are you opposed to using the default scrollbars? Where are the page numbers? What format is the article data?

          You send data to the server using one of the RPC protocols, same as in question 1.

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            pixolpower Level 1
            Well the way to display data does not really matter for me at the moment i am just trying to find the concepts behind how flex handles these things.. i mean like a dynamic scroll where it loads when you scroll or using page numbers to divide the data to make sure the script will not time out when it has to deal with large amounts of data.