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    Flash 8 Pro freezes on Mac G5, dual 2,5 GHz

      Ever since I upgraded from Flash MX 2004 Professional to Flash Professional 8 on my PowerMac G5 it doesn't run. All I can do is open the software but as soon as I click on a menu or a button, whatever, like changing the size it freezes instantly. I've searched the forum and every possible place to find any answer that can solve my problem but it seems like I'm alone with this, I can't find any information anywhere. I've even tried to un-install and re-install Flash again but same problem still occur - freezing. Has anyone had the same problem on a Mac G5 with dual 2,5 GHz processors, in that case – what did you do to solve the problem? I'm out of ideas and can't figure out more.

      My specs are:
      PowerMac G5 (2005), dual 2,5 GHz processors
      Boot ROM-version: 5.1.8f7
      Systemversion: Mac OS X 10.3.9
      Kernel-version: Darwin 7.9.0
      1 GB RAM memory
      Apple 20" flatscreen, 1650 x 1050 pixles resolution
      Flash Professional 8, upgrade (Flash worked fine before the upgrade!)
      All other Studio softwares I upgraded run and work great, except for Flash.

      Please help me, I need HELP!
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          Martenson Level 1
          I also have to add: I can't even click on Preferences in Flash, nothing. It freezes instantly. It run as long as I don't touch ANY button or menu in Flash, as soon as I do anything, touch a menu or button Flash freeze.
          Anyone know what to do? Or shall I throw it out and install an earlier version like MX 2004 Professional, that version of Flash worked. Please, please, please... Help.