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    Flex and C++

      hi, I am kinda new to Adobe/Macromedia world. I tried Flash a while back and loved it. Though, moved on to Unix and C++. Now, I am trying to design a state machine (C++) in Unix. My question is does Flex support IPC. My state machine changes state based on an Event triggred by the user. I want the UI to be web based (in Flex). Now, when the Event is triggred by the User, does Flex has the capability (API?) to inform the C++ state machine about the change.

      This may seem a stupid question to some, but I am new to Web...does it involve cgi. or something ...

      Pls help...
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          leotemp Level 1
          you can access that a number of ways, if you just want to pass information to your application via http check out the HTTPService component in your documentation
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            ntsiii Level 3
            Your "state machine" thingy is server based, correct?

            A Flex client can communicate with the server using HTTPService(xml over http), Webservice(soap), RemotObject(amf). Also sockets.

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              kooladi Level 1
              Thanks for the response guys...this http component is used to communicate both ways rt..i mean..if the UI gives me a request..i can give back an ack to the UI rt.... you also mentioned about using sockets to communicate..i am more comfortable using sockets...can u suggest me the API ??

              Thanks in advance..
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                leotemp Level 1
                search for it in the docs, if your lucky the examples will be correct, your probably not lucky in that sense though.