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    Binding a selected row (cfgrid) to a button to pass...

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      How can I bind the selected row in a cfgrid to pass along to a page to
      process the variable?
      I am trying to look on Google, but all the Adobe forums are down for the

      I have a cfgrid that pulls a key column in the query that is associated with
      the grid (show_id).
      I am looking to bind that to 2 buttons and pass it along to processing

      I tried the following based on another developers process, but when you
      click my buttons, nothing happens:
      <cfinput type="button" name="Submit_Edit" value="Edit"
      <cfinput type="button" name="Delete_Show" value="Remove"

      All I want to do is click the row I wish to either edit or delete, click the
      appropriate button, and go to the appropriate page, passing the show_id

      As you can tell from my other posts that I am learning cfgrid and it is
      fusterating to say the least. lol.