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    On mouse click help with flash 8

    handsomek Level 1
      Dear all

      I have made a link that I created as a button, that when clicked and released should take the visitor into the main webpage.
      Although I get a hand indicating that it is a link, Nothing happens when I release the mouse.

      I have placed the action on the same layer as the button, whether this is right or wrong I honestly do not know, I am working with two flash books here with little actionscripting. The screenshot can be viewed at http://www.faithinmessiah.com/flashscreen.html

      Thanks to Tom from this forum in his reply to an earlier post, I have managed to get the actionscript syntax.

      You can reproduce my problem at http://www.faithinmessiah.com/inmtro to new fimm_b.html

      I hope someone in the forum will be able to give me some pointers as to what I am doing wrong.

      Thanks in advance