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    Verity... how to add OR condition if words entered are seperate by spaces...

      I am using Verity for my search feature on the website... Right now everything seems working fine except that when users enter multiple words, verity or CF doesnt return results because it searches for the whole string.. i.e for example lets say user entered the srting ..... average work week ... in this case it will look for whole string average work week , instead of looking for average or work or week.... Verity is smart and will do this function i.e adding word OR between words ONLY IF words entered are seperated by commas i.e average, work , week... The search feature also works fine if user explicity says 1)average or work or week..... 2)average and work and week. ETC. AND SO ON.

      Does anyone has any idea how this could be achieved??? adding OR to words seperated by spaces????