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    XML Array 'Undefined' Inside A Function

      I've been working on a flash video player in which icons float in a circular motion around a large video window. When you click on one of the floating icons, I want that video to play in the large window. The whole thing reads from an xml file to get the images inside the icons as well as what videos to play:

      <icon image="icon1.jpg" url="promo1.flv" />
      <icon image="icon2.jpg" url="promo2.flv" />
      AND SO ON.....

      The attached actionscript below is giving me a problem. Everything loads fine and looks great. The image attribute works fine. But, when you get down to the part where it says ns.play(" http://......, in the testing phase it gives me "Error opening URL " http://www.ktul.com/static/videos/undefined"". I'm sure it's because it's inside a function. But, I don't know what I can do to make it work. You can view this thing in action at http://www.ktul.com/static/newcarousel.swf Any ideas?