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    unable to bind to properties of actionscript object

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      Hello Forum Folks,

      I built a bread crumb object that extends UIComponent:

      package com.XXX.bidboard
      import mx.core.UIComponent;

      public class BreadCrumb extends UIComponent
      private var _pageTitle:String;
      private var _component:String;
      private var _order:Number;
      private var _pageVisited:Boolean;
      private var _notLast:Boolean;

      public function BreadCrumb()

      public function get pageTitle():String {
      return _pageTitle
      public function set pageTitle(value:String):void {
      _pageTitle = value;
      public function get component():String {
      return _component
      public function set component(value:String):void {
      _component = value;

      public function get order():Number {
      return _order
      public function set order(value:Number):void {
      _order = value;
      public function get pageVisited():Boolean {
      return _pageVisited
      public function set pageVisited(value:Boolean):void {
      _pageVisited = value;

      public function get notLast():Boolean {
      return _notLast
      public function set notLast(value:Boolean):void {
      _notLast = value;

      Then in an application object I try to create a BreadCrumb object:

      notLast="true" />

      however, I get strange warnings:

      warning: unable to bind to property 'notLast' on class 'com.XXX.bidboard::BreadCrumb'
      warning: unable to bind to property 'pageTitle' on class 'com.XXX.bidboard::BreadCrumb'
      warning: unable to bind to property 'pageVisited' on class 'com.XXX.bidboard::BreadCrumb'

      Why? Everything seems to look correct. What is really strange is that it only gives the warnings on notLast, pageTitle, and pageVisited but not order or component. The only difference I can tell betweeen the two groups are the fact that one group has capital letters and other doesn't - However I can imagine this is the cause of the problem. (I tried everything in lowercase and the warning still appeared).

      Any ideas? I'm willing to try anything to solve this mystery. Did I miss something?

      Thanks in advance!