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    Problem: publish Flash projector for Mac on a PC

    karma007 Level 1
      Dear All

      This is a very simple problem to explain!

      When I try and publish a Flash projector for a Mac on a PC, the publisher hangs and then I get 'Program not responding'...
      I have no problems publishing a Flash projector for a PC.

      I need the 2 projectors because I want to put them both on a CD, using MacImage, inorder to send to clients.

      Does anyone know why this problem is occuring?

      My set-up is:

      Dell Inspiron 9100 PC laptop, running Windows XP Professional, SP2
      1000MB RAM
      120GB hard drive
      Advanced graphics card

      Macromedia Flash MX

      FLA file size: 187MB (a large video file is embedded)
      SWF file size: 26MB

      Please let me know, if any of you 'flash gurus' have an idea as to what is going wrong!