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    Importing Question

      Hello. I have flash professional 8 and I am having a problem importing. I did an entire animation frame by frame in photoshop and attempted to import to the stage (there are 126 frames in all, named frame1, frame2, etc.). When I went to import frame 1, a popup message asked if I wanted to import all the frames and I said yes (I have used this method many times on animations with fewer frames and it has always worked fine). Unfortunately, in flash it appears to only have imported the first 55 frames, at least only 55 frames appear on the timeline. When I play the animation, it only plays the first 55 frames. However, if I try to import frame 56 it says it is already in there and asks if I want to replace it. I cannot figure out how to get all the frames to play...is there a 55 frame limit on animations or am I missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.