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    Can someone please help me code scrollbars to scroll a movieclip?

    Spindrift Level 1
      Hi guys,

      Thanks for the interest in my post...

      I've created a scrollbar with up and down buttons for a site in Flash 8 but the up button was behaving very oddly even though there were no syntax errors.

      Because of this I have decided to start again as nobody could find what was going wrong.

      I've created an fla (www.spindriftmedia.com/scroll.fla) with all all the elements that will be used but would really appreciate it if you wouldn't mind taking a few moments to add the code to the buttons and dragger to make it work if that's alright please. I've looked all over for tutorials but just can't find anything relevant other than the one I used originally.

      Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you.

      Take care,