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    Java and Java Web Start

      I have developed a Java Web Start application and wish to run advertiser videos within the application. If you are not familiar with Web Start, it is the same as a regular java application except that it is deployed via the web and launched on the client. I would like to know if the application can invoke the flash player in much the same way the browser does. If so, can anyone give me some code samples.

      This is a very basic question but I haven't been able to get any information anywhere.


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          peterent Level 2
          A few years ago when I was a Java programmer and was developing apps for delivery with Java Web Start, I asked a similar question. I didn't find a solution then, either. If you want to display a SWF within a Java application, it would have to be done through the Java media framework (I don't know its official name). But that framework would have to be able to incorporate the Flash Player somehow - either through as an ActiveX control or through a plugin or with the standalone player.

          My guess is that this is not possible, but keep searching the 'net - if it can be done, someone has done it.