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    displaying variables and remembering them

    trigger2160 Level 1
      Hi. i have 2 problems. first in my game i am timing each level. this is saved in a variable. at the end of the level i want to display this variable in a dynamic text box. i have tried to put the variable in the var box at the bottom of the screen but the dynamic text box will not display it or will only display the initial value of the variable (not change). this variable and the timer is on a frame and the dynamic text box is on a seperate layer (but the same frame). i know that the variable is changing because if i trace it to the output window it counts up. its only displaying it in the dynamic text box that is the problem

      the other thing that i want to do is to get flash to remember some of my variables. there r 48 levels in my game. i want it so that when a user has finished some of the levels and they log off the internet, there data is saved (like a cookie). then next time they play on the same computer they can continue from where they left off.

      thanks 4 ur help.