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    flashe palyer install trouble


      running XP , for sum reason cannot install flash player ( and i have active x enabled ) , i know my son was able , previously , to access and vies site : nick and disney , but everytime he goes , the pc wants to install the player as if it's not there..... ????
      anu1 help ???????????
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          Lexonex Level 1

          same damn problem I am probably having...When using IE and deleting temporary internat files it disables/corrupts/removes proper function of the adobe flash player....You can reinstall all night long and it will claim a "successful" installation but, it is not....YOU MUST FIRST UNINSTALL ADOBE FLASH PLAYER USING THE ONLY TOOL THAT WILL DO THIS WHICH IS THE FLASH PLAYER UNINSTALLER FROM THE ADOBE WEBSITE....BE SURE AND SAVE IT TO YOUR DESKTOP BECAUSE YOU WILL BE USING IT FOREVER.....Once you have used the uninstaller program you can then sucessfully and truthfully download the latest adobe flash player.......WILL SOMEBODY FROM ADOBE FIX THIS!........

          Adobe Uninstaller at bottom of page

          let me know the results..............