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    On WebServices, crossdomain.xml and debug-mode

      I'm building a conncetion to a remote webservice, and they don't have a crossdomain.xml file on their server (or it is placed badly or something).

      While developing my connection has worked fine, but when I go outside of the debug mode (actually running the swf/html from any other folder then the projects bin-debug) and the connection won't work. It returns no error and just seems to keep going ignoring the request. So I looked around for a bit and managed to turn on the trace() log file which brought the problem to my attention:

      Cannot load crossdomain.xml from server, halting request. (or something similar)

      This is fine now that I know of it, I can get the server people to add crossdomain for me. The questions I'm asking though is:
      Why does it work in the bin-debug filder?
      How can I capture the "Cannot load crossdomain..." trace? (my guess is that its generated in the flash player, and not flex library)