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    Loader not quite working properly

      (posted this in site design before realising there was an Actionscript Forum - sorry!)

      Hello there,
      So here's my problem:
      I'm creating a portfolio section of my site, and will link to 8 or 9 other .swf works ive done.
      I thought it would save a lot of pages if i have a flash navigation where when i press the button for a particular section, the button (which will share the name of the target .swf file) will execute actionscript making most of the other stuff dissappear; and the loader containing the target swf, and exit button appear.
      This works great when i test it out in Flash Player when i preview with ctrl-enter. but when i take this into dreamweaver and preview in either Firefox or IE, the new content doesn't load, although the navigation .swf works fine the loader doesn't seem to function.

      Where xpr is the button, and exit is the exit button and loader1 obviously the loader. i intend to add the other buttons to the top line of this code.
      (the trace was me checking if the file path was correct)