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    Limit of MovieClip scroller?


      I'm having some strange problems i can't quite explain with a movie scroller i have.

      Its worked fine for ages, but now the news list is getting much longer i'm finding that the items on the bottom of the list are dissapearing as i add new items. It as if there is a limit to the length of the movieclip that i can scroll. anything past that limit doesnt get rendered to screen.

      To describe the way i have the scroller set up - Basically i have a simple news page. a movieclip contains all the news items and my scroll script just moves the movieclip up and down behind a mask.

      Initially i thought it was the script i was using so i downloaded a couple of others, but they all exhibit the same problem for me. I read some other users problems exlpaining that anything that goes aoutside of the stage can get cut off, but checking my project files everything still fits on the stage.

      Can anyone give me any suggestions to follow up? This seems a bit wierd as its the kind of thing i've seen working before with no problems.

      Many Thanks,