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    tracing the content of a movie clip?

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      I am loading content into a MC, but would like to trace that MC to see
      if the content(other movie) really got loaded in there. How do I do that?

      Thank you!
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          for (var i in myMovieClip) trace(i+" = "+ myMovieClip );

          Works for objects, components, etc...

          If the symbol your probing includes other symbols the modify the loop to include the parse symbol:

          for (var i in myMovieClip.theSymbol) trace(i+" = "+ myMovieClip.theSymbol

          It is amazing the amount of info you can get out of it when used on Flash built-in objects. You'll get a wack of undocumented info on those objects. Try it on a component for the fun of it.

          Beware, it can get very adictive :o)