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    Old Movie is using the wrong template!

      I have (literally) hundreds of movies associated with a new software release. Anyone who works on software knows that it is ever-changing. They were created with a movie template (we'll call it A).

      Earlier this week, I created a new template for some other software I am documenting (we'll call it B).

      Today, I opened one of the old movies created with Template A. I only wanted to update one section of it, so I told Captivate to start recording after slide #-whatever.

      When I finished, I noliced that all the captions had the properites of Template B.

      It seems logical to me that it should have used the origianl formatting, but that's just me...

      Here are my questions:
      Has anyone else encountered this?
      How did you resolve it?
      Is there any way to "assign" a template to a movie or do I have to just start over each time?

      Many thanks,
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hi there Betsy,
          Sounds like some confusion on templates - which certainly will surprise no one as they can be confusing. The best medicine I can think of , Betsy, is Dave Mozealous' Breeze presentation on templates. It is located at this link .

          Dave has moved on now to greener pastures, but this presentation during his tenure as a Macromedia Tech Support personage was possibly the best education on Captivate templates I've ever seen, and they (templates) have baffled me for years. Hope it helps you.

          If you need more info, please let us know what version you are running, okay? Thanks!

          Have a great weekend. Overcast and rainy in Iowa, USA ...