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    Exercise9 - Day 3 Issue with LiveCycle DS ES

      I am having issues with Exercise9. It appears that this exercise was developed using LiveCycle DS ES version 2.51. When I went to download the software the newest version is 2.6.1. The instructions for starting up the server that are in the exercise cannot be executed because there is no option to 'Start Integrated LiveCycle Data Services ES Server'. Only option is 'Start samples Database'. It also looks like the directory structures in the new software version have also changed. When I chatted with an Adobe tech about downloading an older version of code, I was told ' I regret to inform you that the older version of Adobe software has been discontinued.'

      Has anyone else run into issues with the newest version of LiveCycle DS ES and exercise9. Or does anyone have the installer for the older version?


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          I had the same problem:

          The "Integrated LiveCycle Data Services ES Server" is not available in version 2.6.1.

          My Solution:

          However, reinstall the application by choosing the "LiveCycle Data Services with Tomcat" instead of the "LiveCycle Data Services J2EE web application" option.

          Take care of changes in the following points:

          5. Unzip Server.zip to C:\lcds\ tomcat\webapps.

          6. Select Start > All Programs > Adobe > LiveCycle Data Services ES 2.6.1 > Start LiveCycle Data Services Server.

          7. Browse to this url: ht tp://localhost:8 400/odt.

          18. The root folder is C:\lcds\ tomcat\webapps\odt.

          19. The root url is ht tp://localhost:8 400/odt/

          23. Under Compile Flex application location, the output folder should be C:\lcds\ tomcat\webapps\odt\AdobeODT-debug.

          29. The browser url should display ht tp://localhost:8 400/odt/AdobeODT-debug/AdobeODT.html.

          That should fix the problem until the exercise9.pdf is corrected.
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            Thanks for the fix. Hopefully Adobe updates the exercise at some point.........

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              Cheers for that Hanne - would've been stuffed without that.

              I'd love to see Adobe update its tutorials - but I'd love to see them add video scrub controls to these video tutorials first. Sitting through 20 minutes of video when you miss a detail just isn't helpful.