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    Help with Flash Not Loading

      Hello - I have a site which for some reason is not loading the flash file. The url is: http://www.joefirstman.com

      We have several people saying they just see a blank white screen, even after they download the new player. It seems to be both FireFox and IE. (so doesn't seem browser-dependent)

      Is there anything that anyone can think of which would cause this? The flash file was created from Swish, and exported as SWF6. Any ideas? Feel free to instant message me or email at: flashproblem@webatease.com

        • 1. Help with Flash Not Loading
          same damn problem I am probably having...When using IE and deleting temporary internat files it disables/corrupts/removes proper function of the adobe flash player....You can reinstall all night long and it will claim a "successful" installation but, it is not....YOU MUST FIRST UNINSTALL ADOBE FLASH PLAYER USING THE ONLY TOOL THAT WILL DO THIS WHICH IS THE FLASH PLAYER UNINSTALLER FROM THE ADOBE WEBSITE....BE SURE AND SAVE IT BECAUSE YOU WILL BE USING IT FOREVER.....Once you have used the uninstaller program you can then sucessfully and truthfully download the latest adobe flash player.......WILL SOMEBODY FROM ADOBE FIX THIS!........

          Adobe Uninstaller at bottom of page