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    pathing problems...

    xaosai Level 1

      I have a 3 level movie hierarchy: main timeline contains MC1 contains mc1, etc.

      I am able to drill down to the 3rd level using relative pathing, e.g.
      on main timeline: MC1.gotoAndPlay(n);
      on timeline of MC1: mc1.gotoAndPlay(n);

      Now, MC1 contains a function that drills into mc1, executes a script, and then should go back to the second frame of its parent, MC1.

      I have tried doing this a number of ways (yes, i have scoured the forums and tried everything i have seen) including:

      on jump frame of mc1:


      theparent = this._parent;

      Anyone have any ideas why this isnt working?

      All my instances have been named properly.