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    Flash remoting

    bubble2006 Level 1
      I would like to get a variable back using flash remoting. Below is the code I am using :

      Action script :
      #include "NetServices.as"
      if(inited == null)
      NetServices.setDefaultGatewayUrl(" http://localhost:8500/flashservices/gateway");
      var connexion = NetServices.createGatewayConnection();
      var myservice = connexion.getService("com.macromedia.test.toto", this);


      .cfc :


      <cffunction name="toto" returnType="numeric" access="Remote">
      <cfargument name="param1" type="numeric" required="yes">
      <cfreturn param1>


      .cfm :
      <cfinvoke component="com.macromedia.test.toto" method="toto" returnvariable="valeur">

      Serveur connexion works, but I get an error stating that the variable is not defined.
      Thank you for your help.