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      Hi Folks,

      Maybe I'm mistaken, but I think my problem stems from not having identical names between what appears in the project list and the TOC. To be clear, every time I apply the template (.htt) to my list of topics, then generate, the only item to appear consistently across all topics is the footer. So, in time for my show and tell, I had to manually insert titles in each of the topic panes.

      Anybody know what I might be overlooking?

      Thanks in advance.

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          nine doors
          Hi everyone,

          I am having the same problem: when I select the topics and apply the template, only the footer is added.

          Does anyone have any idea why this is happening and how to solve it?

          Thank you
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            Does your template have the Title field where the title normally appears? To find out, open your template, and then double-click the text that appears in the title. If the Field dialog appears with a Value of "title" and the "Auto-update this field" checkbox selected, you should be set. If not, however, follow these steps:

            1. Place your cursor at the top left corner of the template.
            2. Click Insert | Field | Special Field. The Field dialog will appear.
            3. Click title in the Value list.
            4. Select the Auto-update this field checkbox.
            5. Click the OK button.

            Try that out, and let us know whether it works.
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              nine doors Level 1
              Hi Chet,
              I double-clicked the title and nothing. I inserted the field and nothing. I think it may have to do with the image in the header. In the header, I have an image and then Heading 1below it.

              When I created a new template without the image, I double clicked the title and saw the field.

              I need the image in the header. How can I get it to show up in the topics when I apply the template?

              thank you

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                nine doors Level 1

                I just created another template with the image and it shows up when applied to the topic.

                The header image that didn't work was in a table to ensure the heading (with shading) and the image were the same length and that there was no white space in between.

                I'm trying to match our website design, so I need to have an image with a shaded heading 1 below it without white space.

                Now everything looks good, except that there is a space between the image and the title. Anyone know how to remove the white space?

                thanks again