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    Radio to ComboBox

      This may be obvious to many of you, I'm hoping so.

      I'm relatively new to flash. I'm working on 8 professional and thanks to the excellent Adobe Tutorials I'm geting there.

      There is something that I want to do but can't find a way to do it. Maybe someone out there knows.

      Quite simply I want help on the Actionscript to create a form with 2 stages

      Stage 1 is a choice of one of (maximum) seven radio buttons. Dependant on the choice this then gives brings up;

      Stage 2 which is the relevant combobox. Different Radio option gives diferent combo of choices.

      The result of the combobox (passive so followed by a submit) brings up a pop up window.

      I've seen a GoLive Action for ComboBox followed by relevant ComboBox but ideally I want Radios first.

      Can anyone help?