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    Targeting textfield within a popup witin a ........

      Hey all,
      Is there a good source for explaining targeting or how to figure out targeting a movieClip that has been loaded into another and another etc...?

      I am building a Flash Forms screen application.
      I am popping a window using popup manager using the following code:

      var my_win:MovieClip = PopUpManager.createPopUp(this, Window, true, {closeButton:true});
      my_win.contentPath = myForm;

      myForm is the symbol MC I am loading in. Inside of that movie, there is 20 textfields that need to be populated from a Flash remoting return.
      I have verified the data is returning and loads into the MC if I do directly, but not loaded into the pop.
      When I trace the movie it returns: _level0.application.depthChild0.content
      When I trace one of the textfields it returns _level0.application.depthChild0.content.textfield_txt
      Anybody have a good way to get the actual target info for loaded MC's? This is only a single load, I have more to build that will use multiple loads in loads.