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    Window size


      I'm desperately trying to resize a custom HTML Help window to 1020 by 780 pixels, but RoboHelp HTML seems to limit me to 1000 by 724. Is there any way to get around this restriction? I've tried using the Javascript code mentioned elsewhere on this forum, but to no avail - it just doesn't seem to work with CHMs.

      Please note that the software I'm documenting requires a minimum display resolution of 1280x1024.

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          Hi Aidanwel,

          The only way I know of is to compile with Microsoft's Help Workshop. My version of RoboHelp is ancient and it allows up to 768 x 1024. I always use RoboHelp for editing but then when I want to compile. I run the RH generated hhp file through Help Workshop. There are several reasons we do this - to include user defined size and previous and next buttons, which RoboHelp didn't support. Help Workshop is free from Microsoft.

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            Aidanwel Level 1

            It worked !

            Thank you, John. You have just made my day.