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    Formatting Repeater

    JB_Sound Level 1
      Is there a way to apply justification formatting to the repeater control (ie. right justified)?

      I want to use the repeater as an item renderer in a datagrid column. I have this working, except that I can't seem to apply justification to the way the repeater creates the individual items. I need to show the items either left aligned, center aligned, or right aligned.

      Is there a better way of achieving this with any other control?


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          peterent Level 2
          You must be placing your items into a container of some sort, right? If you are using a VBox, then add horizontalAlign="right" to the container.
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            JB_Sound Level 1
            Yup, that's how it work. Except that I forgot to put the width of the VBox (or HBox in my case) to 100%. This way it formatted alright, but I never got to see the results because it simply just made the item renderer contents wide enough to show the individual elements. :-)

            Got it figured out. Thanks for confirming!