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    FocusManager AGAIN

      I have built a login window in a Flash application. The MC that is the content for the popup had two text field components and a button component. Initially, the button is disabled and the text fields have a listener that enables the button when both have some kinda text in them. The startup of the MC sets the tab indexes of the two fields to 1 and 2 and the button's to 3. It also sets the button as the defaultButton for the FocusManager. At the end of the startup code, it call a setup() function that enables and disables everything and is supposed to set the focus to the first text field. But, after weeks for ... [explative removed]... tinkering, I STILL cannot get the focusing to work properly or reliably. WTF?

      I've attached the code. I'm at my wit's end. I'm so frustrated with focus capabilities in Flash.

      Any help anyone could lend would be so greatly appreciated.