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    select a file

    jonnybennett Level 1
      This isn't really a questin about actionscript, but it doesn't really belong in any forum I could think of and I am creating a site using flash... soo.....

      If I have a directory with 20 billion images in it.... and a directory with only 1 image in it, would it take longer to display the image out of the directory with 20billion in it? I assume the answer is yes.

      And if so, how do sites that allow users to upload images and other data then able to access and display the data so quickly.

      Do they create seperate directories for each new user, and then keep all their images in that directory?

      but even then, if you have like myspace 200million users, it is gonna take time just to access the right users directory out of the directory 'users'.

      any ideas thanks to any responders... JOnnie.

      Also if anyone knows of any good tutorials or sites to do with designing sites for mass users... eg optimum database design, directory setup etc, that would be great.
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          As to images, the bauty of Flash, is that the file is only a size issue when it is loaded. You can build a failry straightforward and simple base structure, and then as desired, call for a series of images. Only when the images are loaded do they become a size consideration to the computer doing the calling. Of course they take up space on the server, and if you want to reference the files (have some sort of record of the files) then there is additional work being done by the server, but the biggest issue for size become only apparent once the file is loaded.

          As to handling large quantities of data and displaying it, it is organized and structured so that in its categories of use, it is readily availlable for being recalled.