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    Recommended solution for missing TOC not working

      So--why does a help project with the following text at the top of the .hhp not show a TOC or index, only search, in the .chm? I've run through the steps in the tech database note several times, and this is what it's looked like every time, but no TOC or index.

      Compiled File=Project Name.chm
      Title=Project Name Online Help
      Contents File=Project Name.hhc
      Index File=Project Name.hhk
      Default topic=null.htm
      Default Window=Main
      Error log file=
      Display compile progress=No
      Display compile notes=No
      Full-text search=Yes
      Binary Index=Yes
      Auto Index=No
      Enhanced decompilation=No
      Binary TOC=No

      Main=" Project Name Online Help","Project Name.hhc","Project Name.hhk","","",,,,,0x520,0,0x3006,[5,5,512,384],0x0,0x0,,0,0,0

      Thanks for looking.