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    tabNavigator Problem

    ljonny18 Level 1
      Hi I have quite a complex component within my Flex 2 application….
      The component consists of numerous tabs within a tabNavigator… and each tab contains a dataGrid that displays data from a webService relevant to the selected tab.

      This is quite difficult for me to explain in words so I will apologise in advance if it makes no sense, but I will give it a go…..

      The tabs work fine, and the dataGrids are populated when the tabs are changed… when a tab is selected, it passes a variable to the web service which then pulls back and displays in the dataGrid all relevant data to the sent variable etc….

      Each tab within the tabNavigator contains a different / separate dataGrid with a unique name / ID!

      The problem that I am having is when you change the tabs quickly, its as if the web service cant keep up and is getting confused as to what data to display in what dataGrid etc……. although if you move through more slowly it works perfectly.

      I thought that maybe a “quick fix” to this is maybe to disable elements / tabs within the component until the web service has completed loading therefore not allowing the user to change tabs (as they are disabled) until the dataGrid has been loaded etc….. but I don’t know how to do this :(

      Does anyone know how I can go about doing this, or if there is another solution to my problem? - Any suggestions?