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    Access to needed info for a ChartItem custom renderer

      I essentially am mimicking some code in the help files, an example for using a 3-color repeating scheme with a ColumnChart. In my case, however, I want to custom-color some circles in a PlotChart.

      I don't need a repeeating scheme, though. I need to be able to choose the color based on information about the data itself. The data originates from an HTTPService, and so each item is on Object. Thus, I attempted to dynamically assign a property to the Object in my app code, and then access that property within my programmatic skin (which extends ProgrammaticSkin and implements IDataRenderer).

      Does anyone know how to get information from within such a programmatic skin?

      The easy workaround here was to use three different series and put data into the appropriate series, but this won't have the desired visual effect with a ColumnChart, which I must also implement.