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    How to translate this from ASP to CF Script?

      Hi there

      I have a ASP script which I can translate and which is working except for one optional thing which I have not yet managed to get working within CF 7.

      ' Get actual rows and columns of DataMatrix barcode
      MyDataMatrix.GetActualSize ActualRows, ActualCols

      This translation does not work but throws an exception

      r = 0;
      c = 0;

      MyDataMatrix.GetActualSize (r, c);

      // I also tried this to get a call by reference. Doens't this work in CF script?
      MyDataMatrix.GetActualSize ("r", "c");

      I also tried to use tags instead of script (as in the help) so:

      <cfset result= dm.GetActualSize ("w", "h")>

      to no avail.

      i.e. the variables keep having 0 instead of other values

      The declaration fomr the help is like this

      void GetActualSize(VARIANT *ActualWidth, VARIANT *ActualHeight);



      A pointer to the variable that receives the width of the DataMatrix barcode (in pixels).


      A pointer to the variable that receives the height of the DataMatrix barcode (in pixels).

      Can anybody help me out here?