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    repetitive flash task

    stephan.k Level 1
      Dear List

      I need to do the following:
      - 600 images are in one folder on my desktop
      - each image is labeled as "img0001.jpg", "img0002.jpg"...
      - import those 600 individual jpgs into flash 8
      - convert each item into a movieclip
      - label each movieclip with its filenmae (without the extension)
      - put every movieclip onto the timeline in an individual frame (for loading)
      - name each movieclip linkage with its name
      - disable export in first frame on each movieclip.
      - export the whole thing as an .swf

      you get the picture... It's one long boring task that i'm sure can be done some other way. is jsfl my savior? I am not familiar with jsfl at all but if I understand it correcctly it should be able of aking care of those tasks mentioned, correct?

      Are there other ways of achieving the above on the server with let's say php or some other serverside language? That way I could create an application that does all that on the click of abutton? and the client just needs to put all 600 new images in the correct folder... and there's the new swf file?

      Any advice or guidance appreciated. also pointers to good jsfl resources.



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          stephan.k Level 1
          maybe I should add this:

          I have tried to import the 600 jpgs individually in the beginning of the movie. The jpgs are tiny (under 4 k each) 15x15 pixels... still flash was veeery unhappy. That's why I am looking into alternatives.

          curious how other people have solved this issue.



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            NSurveyor Level 2
            JSFL is definitely the way to go if you need to convert 600 images to movieclips! Save the following as... Image Batch.jsfl, and then run it. I suggest trying it with say 10 images to test to make sure it is how you want: