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    How to display success message after Remote service call

      Hi ,
      I am currently using Flex form for adding/updating user personal details.On submit button click ,i am submitting details to server by calling RPC remote service.For calling remote service i am using penneframework. On penneframework, Remote service call result are populated in RemoteResult object. It dont have any other event method for handling result event.For errror handling, i have defaultHandler for displaying error message.

      Here i am having two requirements
      1. I should be able to track RPC response, so that i can display success message to user along with DB generated ID.
      2. I need to reset all form field after receiving RPC response.

      Here my question is
      1.How i can track server response, so that i can display success or error message.
      2. Is their any event or coding technique which i can use for solving this issue.