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    show/output  to the next page a value based the radio button selection


      Hello my goal is to show or out put a value to a table based on a selection of a radio button bee or dee (Please see below.)

      So far the only logic I have is this below (A) but I don’t know how I can replace dee or bee. In other words, only one value shown in the upper left corner in the table (again, depending on the selected radio button item 1) in item 3. shown below.
      If bee then show bee in the upper left corner
      Otherwise show bee
      Note that the radio button is in one pare lets say page1.cfm
      And the out put based on the selection is in page1.cfm
      So far I have this logic but don’t know how to move forward

      In addition if there is a better way then that would be please let me know, thanks!
      <!---(A)<cfif attributes.BeeDee is "Bee">
      <td><p><strong>(</strong>For Bee) </p>
      <cfelse><!--- DEE NOT Bee --->
      <tr><td>(For Dee)</td> </tr>---

      <!----1. Radio button with only 2 options dee or bee.---->
      <table border="0" cellpadding="5">
      <form id="form1" name="form1" method="post" action=" index.cfm?action=actSearch">
      <td>Please Enter ID: </td>
      <td><input type="text" name="CID" /></td>
      <td>Bee: </td>
      <td><input type="Radio" name="BeeDee" value="Bee" checked="checked"></td>
      <td>Dee: </td>
      <td><input type="Radio" name="BeeDee" value="dee"></td>
      <td><input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit" /></td>
      <!--- 2. this is a hidden field for each page I would like to pass the beedee values from the radio button selection
      <input type="Hidden" name="attributes.BeeDee" value="#attributes.BeeDee#">

      <!-----3. my goal in this Table is to show/output Dee or Bee on the upper right corner inside based on the selection in the radio button the box---->
      <td width="1329"><p><strong>employee Department:</strong><strong> </strong></p>
      <strong>0000       ooooo: </strong><em>sign here please</em></td>