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    Flash Paper 2 completely freezes during print

      I just installed Studio 8 (including Flash Paper 2), and nothing can print to Flash Paper. It shows up as a printer, and it installed the annoying toolbar in Office, but no Office program, no browser, not even a simple text editor can print to Flash Paper. The Flash Paper process starts, but immediately freezes and then crashes the program that attempted to print to it. I have un-installed and re-installed it, and it never works. I haven't seen any mention of this freezing problem in the forums or through a Google search - anyone else encounter this?

      Thanks for any help.

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          I also just installed Studio 8 which includes Flash Paper 2 and I am having the same exact problem with Word documents. It just freezes, says Word is preparing to background print the document, and then it will just stay there doing nothing. Looks like it's working but nothing happens. I left it there FOR AN HOUR and it still wouldn't complete the conversion. I have also reinstalled it. I am running WinXP and Word 2003.
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            dhogue94 Level 1
            After some additional digging around, I uncovered the solution:


            It seems the Contribute 3.11 uses an installer that botches the Flash Paper 2 printer driver installation. Follow the directions in the Tech Note above to manually re-install the Flash Paper 2 printer drivers (using the old Flash Paper installer), and all should be well.

            I did this exactly as described, and Flash Paper started working right away - I didn't even need to re-boot. Note, however, that this note assumes you have installed the Studio 8 products in the default location (C:\program files\...) If you installed in a different location, you'll need to modify the Tech Note instructions to reflect the location of the referenced Flash Paper 2 files.

            Good luck!