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    Can we use output from DocJet in a RoboHelp project?

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      Does anybody have any experience with DocJet, or has anybody studied the
      feasibility of using the output from DocJet in a RoboHelp project? If so, I'd
      very much appreciate your comments!

      Our developers use DocJet to comment their code and produce HTML output that
      is supposed to be suitable as the API Help for our product. A colleague who
      experimented with this over a year ago claimed that DocJet was a terrible tool
      to work with and did not work as described in its own help file. He had extreme
      difficulty adding general topics, updating the contents, etc. However, I don't
      know any more than that, and the colleague is currently on parental leave
      (which here in Sweden is lengthy).

      I have been playing around with it today, and I'm a little more optimistic
      than I perhaps should be. But I am having some specific problems, for
      example that RoboHelp will not import DocJet's contents or index, which are
      contained in HTML files. In addition, each HTML file included in the DocJet
      output contains Javascript calls to its own contents and index, which I'd want
      to get rid of if I manage to create those in RoboHelp.

      The ideal output for us would be a CHM file.

      Grateful for any comments or links to info! (I've googled this subject without