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    Ideas on how have projector 'phone home' and validate subscription

    kmdguy Level 1
      Hi there,

      I have a software product which I've written in Director and it uses an external castmember as a database file to store all kinds of text-based data. Currently, users pay a one time fee and I customize the external castmember to only work with the projector front end so there can be no sharing of castmembers with the same name across multiple different users. So far so good, it's all worked out pretty well.

      [bold]Question:[/bold] We are going to be changing our pricing structure to go with a 'leased use' price, rather than a single purchase price. The lease would be based on a per month basis which would renew through our payment processor.

      What do you feel would be the best way to test that the user's program is still 'valid' to function? I can easily include a field in the external castmember which stores any date and I know how to compare dates easily. But I'm curious as to the best way to approach how to validate that the user's next monthly payment has cleared and the program is good to run. I'd like to have the program somehow "phone home" to somehow validate things, then it can update the stored renewal date.

      I have several ideas rolling around but before I go off I'd like to hear what other, more experienced Lingo programmers' take on this could be.