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    Keyboard navigation in a Form


      I'm looking for a way to navigate through a big form (multiple text inputs) with the keyboard. Using the left, right, up and down arrow to change the focus. I suppose I can do it with some messy actionscript but I'd like to know if there's a more natural way to make it and I can't find it in the doc.

      To illustrate my need here is the kind of layout I could have :

      --Text input 1-- --Text input 2--
      --Text input 3-- --Text input 4--

      So here i would like to be able to go from text input 1 to text input 3 usign the down arrow, from text input 1 to text input 2 with right arrow and so on ...

      If anyone faced this kind of problematic before and maybe found a classy way to answer it I'd be delighted to hear it !


      Vianney Baron