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    Universal Binary Shockwave for Mac? Is Director on its way out?

    Grant Hutchins
      Anyone have any thoughts about if and when there will be a universal binary version of shockwave for the Mac?

      Also, Director seems to receive very little attention from Adobe. Anyone know anything or care to speculate about Adobe's commitment to maintaining Director. I'm guessing that adobe will eventually ad 3D capabilities to Flash and do away with Director. My company use to do a lot with Director, now we have a scant few clients who bring us work that requires it.

      As the Art Director for my company I have had a somewhat passive role with Director, creating art and presentations that only require basic navigation and animation and handing off to a true programmer when more complex functionality is needed. Our programmer has left and it seems on some level I am now assuming the role of main director person, at least unofficially. I also have a beginner to intermediate level of proficiency with Flash. I'm pretty much left to teach myself what ever programming our clients need as it is needed. My plate is full and I'm trying to determine if I need to invest time in really learning lingo beyond my rudimentary working knowledge, or just concentrate on expanding my Flash knowledge base. If Flash did 3D, I would probably forget about Director because it seems like it is on it's way out and most of the things our clients need I think can be done in Flash although for standalone presentations, I prefer the seamless flow of Director to the "wait to load" result of Flash.

      Any thoughts on this?
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          As Adobe says itself:
          A new version of Director will be released in the first half of 2007. It
          will be sold under the name Adobe Director. No features list available yet.

          That's the only information we have and you'll have to live with it until
          the release (or beta program just before).

          Adobe doesn't have anything else in its product range that comes close to
          Director and Shockwave. Shockwave 3D is still to this day the most reliable
          Web 3D plugin available (even if it has not the best rendering quality but
          sufficient for games, e-learning and 3D product assembly instructions).
          Adding 3D to Flash Player would mean a heavier download (Flash Player 9 is
          already 1 MB without the Yahoo toolbar).

          The other news it that Tom Higgins, the Director Technical Product Manager
          left. I believe his position has already been filled internally by someone
          else at Adobe (it's a huge company) or will be soon (haven't seen any job
          offer yet for this role).

          Best regards,
          Karl Sigiscar.


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            Grant Hutchins Level 1
            Karl Sigiscar,

            Great info! Much appreciated,