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    Cannot open .chm

      I have a user who cannot open the compile help file that I generate. When he double-clicks on the file from his hard drive, a "Preparing to Install" window flashes briefly and then disappears. The file is never opened. He has HTML Help Workshop installed, but not RoboHelp.
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          Pete Lees Level 2
          Hi, and welcome to the forums.

          Can your user open any other .chm file on his system? What is your .chm file called?

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            eulan118 Level 1
            Hi Pete. He can only view other .chms via an application. In other words, he can access the Help button on our software application and view the help files this way, but he cannot open any .chm files by directly clicking on them in Windows Explorer. The .chm file in question is titled BSAP.chm.
            Thank you!
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              Pete Lees Level 2

              I'd say that there is a problem with his HTML Help "runtime" components -- the Windows files that are used to display .chm files. You might ask him to download and run MJ's Help Diagnostics, which will verify wheher these components are properly installed and registered.

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                Hi - may well be coincidental, but this morning I found myself looking at a project that appears to compile perfectly but the resulting .chm could not be viewed. My workaround was to uncheck the optimize .chm size option, but this isn't a fix because our usual 'optimized' version remains doa.

                Peter - Have you seen this before? It's certainly new to us! If you haven't, your fear for the runtime components may well be correct. My fear on reading this thread is that MSoft has been screwing around trying to secure .chm (again)....